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DKV Kanuverband

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DKV Kanuverband

  • CAMARO ist neuer, offizieller Ausrüster des DKV (deutscher Kanuverband)! DKV - der Verband Der deutsche Kanu-Verband (DKV) verkörpert die Gesamtheit des organisierten Kanusports in Deutschland. In seinen 19 Landesverbänden und ca. 1.300 Vereinen betreiben rund 114.000 Mitglieder die volle Bandbreite des Kanusports.

    Dazu gehören die zwei olympischen Wettkampfsportarten Kanu-Rennsport und Kanu-Slalom. Die Flotte des Deutschen Kanu-Verbandes ist seit 1992 die erfolgreichste Nationalmannschaft Deutschlands bei den olympischen Spielen! Von 80 gewonnen Goldmedaillen für Deutschland steuert allein der DKV ein Viertel in seinen Disziplinen Kanu-Rennsport und Kanu-Slalom bei!
Visit in Mondsee
  • Some of the most successful national team athletes of Germany, the DKV (German canoe associaton) visited us on 23. November in Mondsee. Present were among others the Olympia 2012 silver medalist Sideris Tasiadis, Paul Böckelmann and Ricarda Funk in companion with their head coach Michael Trummer. The athletes had locally the opportunity to try out our brandnew products and to inspire our employees with some nice conversations. We are looking forward to a furthermore cooperation with the DKV and wish all athletes much success for the forthcoming competitions for the year 2013.

"EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP in Augsburg: Athletes of the DKV (German Canoe Association) collect numerous titles and medals

    With two EM-titles, another gold medal, three times silver and twice bronze, the slalom-aces of the DKV decided for them the C1 men and ladies and the K1 men a lot of shining medals on the cloudy, rainy, grey day of the first final day at the EM-slalom in Augsburg. On the last day of finals of the EM in Augsburg, the DKY slalom-canoeists followed up in the ice channel with performances in the kayak- one ladies and in the canadier-double men the brilliant medals of the previous day and won again gold at the team contest of the kayak ladies, silver at the ladie’s single contest and twice bronze in the single- and the team contest of the canadier-double.

    CAMARO, the official supplier of the DKV congratulates to these excellent achievements and wishes for the future contests, especially for the Olympics endless success.

    pictures from the EM in Augsburg