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Ferekidi Maria

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Name: Maria Ferekidi
nickname: Maraki
date of birth/zodiac:: date of birth/zodiac: 02/12/1981
hometown: Athens
CAMARO equipment: Hi-Tech Modetec Spraydeck-Combi
my website:

    I started with my sport because of… I found the sport amazing!

    What are your preferred rivers or canyons? Both!

    What do you love most about your sport? I love the contact with the water, the nature and that the conditions are changing all the time. Everything flow!

    Why did you choose CAMARO? Perfect quality, ideal material & beautiful equipments.


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Ferekidis beste Ergebnisse:
  • 2 times Olympian 2004 and 2008
    11th place at the Beijing Olympic Games
    Balkan Champion 2004
    9 times Greece National Championships
    14th at the Europeans Championships 2007
    21st at the World Championships 2009