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Brandstoetter Hardy

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name: Brandstötter Hardy
nickname: Hardy
date of birth/zodiac: 1977 / Piscis
hometown: Mondsee
my CAMARO equipment: Stormtech / Impact Vest
diciplines: Kitesurfen / Snowkiten
my website:

      I am surfing since  …     1990

      I started surfing because the sea is in front of the house

      I’m equipped by CAMARO since…2003

      Why did you choose CAMARO? : longlasting products on which I can rely in any situation

      Three things I carry ALWAYS with me when surfing: Camaro Impact Vest, hair-dryer and comb ;-)

      Go surfing means to me…to combine travelling with sport, surfing at places where nobody ever has surfed before. Stormsurfing – fight with oneself and the forces of nature

      My biggest goal…is to carry on with this sport as long as possible

      Surfing in summer on the waves and … in winter?  snowkiting and speedflying in the alps

      How would you describe your surf style? little “rubbish” – easy and hard

      What is your preferred location for surfing? Mondsee, Sardinia, North America, etc.

      With whom would you like to be tuned to the same wavelength? with my small son if he already could do it

      Who is your hero on the surfboard?  all ex-champions having made this sport to what it is today

      My favourite word for water is…”gischt”

      There is nothing better in this world than a perfect day on the water with friends

      Favourite meal: my mother’s curd cheese dumplings

      Favourite song: whatever, only not too loud and too fast

      Favourite movie: sport- and nature-documentations

      Where do you see yourself in 10 years? the same as today, but with grey hair ;-)

      What is your motto? Dying from fear is dying too

      What are your greatest successes? divers champion titles at World Championships, European Championships etc., but the best certainly was my Solo Baikal / Siberia snowkite expedition.

      What are you afraid of most?  look under “motto”


Brandstötters beste Ergebnisse:
  • 1. International German Championship Race
  • 1. German Masters Race
  • 1. Red Bull Capetown Man
  • 1. Pannonia Ice Speedkiting
  • 2. ISKA Worldcup Lake Silvaplana Race
  • 3. ISKA European Championship Race
  • 4. ISKA European Championship Freestyle
  • 4. ISKA Worldcup Lake Silvaplana Freestyle
  • 5. Snowkiting Worldchampionship Race
  • Solo Crossing Baikal / Syberia
  • Snowkiting Worldspeedrekord Board
  • Kitesurfing Austrian Speed Record
  • Top Ten PKRA World Speed Challenge 2004
  • 2009: etliche Medienberichte in Fachmagazinen, Filmprojekte mit ORF, Foto und Film in Tarifa, German Open, Kite4Freedom Open (Italien), Austrian Open


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