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Brenner Stephan

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Name: Stephan Brenner
Nickname: Steph
date of birth/zodiac: 19.09.81 /virgo
hometown: Mannersdorf
my CAMARO equipment: Kitesurf-Equipment ( Spring, Summer, Autumn, and winter
diciplines: Kitesurfing-Freestyle/Race
my website:

    I am surfing since……
    Windsurfing since 1987 / Kitesurfing since 2003
    I started surfing      
    it already thrilled me as a child

    I’m equipped by CAMARO since

    Why did you choose CAMARO?
    since 2005 because thanks to these products I am in the water even
    at very cold temperatures

    Three things I carry ALWAYS with me when surfing:
    Kite-board, Camaro suit

    Go surfing means to me:

    My biggest goal…
    is  to remain true to myself

    Surfing in summer on the waves and … in winter? 
    Snowkiting on the snow/ and kitesurfing on the Neusiedlersee

    How would you describe your surf style?
    Radical and passionate

    What is your preferred location for surfing? 
    Neusiedlersee and every place with good wind

    With whom would you like to be tuned to the same wavelength?
    With people loving this sport as much as I

    Who is your hero on the surfboard? 
    Kelly Slater

    My favourite word for water is…

    There is nothing better in this world then:

    Favourite meal:
    muesli with fruits

    Favourite song:
    I do not have a special one, it depends on my mood

    Favourite movie:
    Carpe Diem

    Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
    10 years more than now

    What is your motto?
    Impossible is temporarily

    What are your greatest successes?  
    Austrian Champion Kitesurfing,Vice Champion etc.

    What are you afraid of most? 
    Injuries that detain me from kiting


Brenners best achievements:
  • 2005 2. Platz Long Distance Race Weiden-Podersdorf
  • 2007 4.Platz Open Style-Race&Freestyle Bewerb Österreichische Meisterschaft
  • 2008 1.Platz Meistertitel
  • 2009 3.Platz  Österreichische Meisterschaft
  • 2009 64.Platz im Top Ranking WM Race / 65.Platz Freestyle
  • 2010 24.Platz Overall (Gesamtwertung Europameisterschaft)
  • 2011 20.Platz Snowkiteworldcup Gesamtwertung
  • 2011 23. Platz Overall (Gesamtwertung Europameisterschaft)
  • 2011 2.Platz Österreichische Meisterschaft
  • 2012. 14.Platz Overall (Gesamtwertung Europameisterschaft)