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Hoelzl Uli

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Name: Uli Hölzl
nickname: Uli Wulli
date of birth/zodiac: February 3rd 1975 / Aquarius
hometown: changes all the time, born in Linz and grown up there, then from 1993-2011 at home in Innsbruck and the big wide world, now just moved to Salzburg
CAMARO equipment: Wetsuits and bathing Fashion
diciplines: Waveriding, Windsurfing, Kiting, surf-riding snowboarden
my website:

    • I love surfing since…1988
    • I started surfing because of…the school sport week at 15 years, afterwards I was completely contaminated. I love water, the forces of nature, the endlessness of the ocean.
    • I’m equipped by CAMARO since…since an eternity, i.e. 1999 I believe
    • Why did you choose CAMARO? good quality, nice team
    • Three things I carry ALWAYS with me when surfing: waverider, wax, Camaro Lycra and shorty
    • Go surfing means to me…freedom, experience of nature, simply the best there is
    • My biggest goal…is to perfectly combine sport and profession
    • Surfing in summer and … in winter? quite right
    • How would you describe your surf style? always at home in the biggest waves
    • What is your preferred location for surfing? Mauritius and Australia
    • With whom would you like to be tuned to the same wavelength? with the Viennese crew; Babsy Strasser, Heidi Wunram, Klaas Voget, Andy Wolff
    • Who is your hero on the surfboard? Somebody just standing on a surfboard is no hero for me, but a hero is because he or she is a super human person with a fine character – therefore my best friends
    • My favourite word for water is…LIFE!!
    • There is nothing better in this world than…to surf with friends on a wave into sundown..
    • Favourite meal: Sushi
    • Favourite song: changes from Muse via Live; RHCP
    • Favourite movie: changes also
    • Where do you see yourself in 10 years? good question
    • What is your motto? Do IT
    • What are your greatest successes? World Cup Victory in SYLT; 1st place Soulwave Klitmöller, several 5th places at the PWA Waveworld cup and the yearly ranking
    • What are you afraid of most? Severe injuries, to have no target anymore.
Hölzls Ergebnisse:
  • 5. Platz Overall Ranking PWA Worldcup Wave 2007
  • 1. Platz PWA-Waveriding Sylt 2005
  • 1. Platz Soulwave Klitmoller 2005
  • 5. Platz PWA Wavriding Guincho, Portugal 2007
  • 5. Platz PWA-Waveriding Pozo, Gran Canaria 2006
  • 5. Platz PWA-Waveriding Guincho, Portugal 2006
  • 7. Platz Overall Ranking PWA-Waves 2006
  • 5. Platz Waveriding Sylt 2003
  • 5. Platz Waveriding Gran Canaria 2001

  • Snowboardergebnisse:
  • Europameisterin Snowboard Halfpipe 1996
  • Olympiateilnehmerin Snowboard Halfpipe Nagano 1998 (13.Platz)
  • 1. Platz ISF Weltcup Halfpipe: Madonna di Campiglio 1996, Val d´Isere 1997
  • Staatsmeisterin Halfpipe 1995-2000