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Soltysiak Philip

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Name: Philip Soltysiak
Nickname: Phil
date of birth/zodiac: May 31st, 1987, Gemini
hometown: Markham, Ontario, Kanada
my CAMARO equipment: Warm wetsuits!
diciplines: Freestyle
my website:

    I love surfing since
    I tried it when I was 8.

    I started surfing because
    of my parents.

    Why did you choose CAMARO?
    They use quality materials

    Three things I carry ALWAYS with me when surfing:
    Screw driver, suncream and a 2nd wetsuit.

    Go surfing means to me:

    My biggest goal,
    to never stop enjoying life.

    Surfing in summer and … in winter? 
    Yes, but when it snows I prefer to ski ;-)

    How would you describe your surf style? 
    Relaxed, because I don’t worry if I have a good or bad session as long as I enjoy it. 

    What is your preferred location for surfing?
    My favourite places are Colombia and Brazil. 

    With whom would you like to be tuned to the same wavelength?Who is your hero on the surfboard?
    Jason Polakow, he’s always riding the biggest waves ever. 

    My favourite word for water is

    There is nothing better in this world than
    a great session on the water with your friends.

    Favourite meal:

    Favourite song:
    I don’t have a favourite song.

    Favourite movie:
    The Other Guys

    Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
    Hopefully doing something similar to what I am doing now.

    What is your motto?
    It’s all in your head.

    What are your greatest successes?
    I finished the PWA event in Lanzarote in 2010 in 4th place.  I’ve been ranked top 10 on the PWA World Tour for 3 years now. 

    What are you afraid of most? 
    Crazy windsurfers crashing into me in Brazil. 

Soltysiak best achievements:
2016 US Slalom Champion
AWSI Windsurf Male Athlete of the Year 2015
2015 US Nationals Freestyle Champion
2015 US Nationals Slalom 3rd place
7th place 2015 PWA Fuerteventura World Cup
4th place 2015 European Freestyle Pro Tour Lanzarote
2013: PWA Freestyle 2013 Overall, 10th place
2012: Canadian Windsurfing Champion
PWA Freestyle Overall 2012, 10. Platz
2011: PWA Freestyle Vietnam 2011, 6th place
2010: PWA Freestyle 2010, 6th place
PWA World Cup 2010 Lanzarote, 4th place
2009: 10th place PWA Freestyle 2009


Cape Hatteras 2016 from Mike Burns on Vimeo.