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Zugsbratl Manuel

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Name: Manuel Zugsbratl
nickname: Mani
date of birth/zodiac: 8th of June / Gemini
hometown: Vienna
CAMARO equipment: Impact Vest, Superelastic, Shorty, Lycra
diciplines: Slalom, Speed
my website:

    I am surfing since    1998

    I started surfing ….because both my parents are surfing

    Since when are you equipped by Camaro?  Since 2010

    Why do you rely on CAMARO?   for me quality and function, the best suits and furthermore from Austria

    Surfen bedeutet für mich …Travels, adventures, fun

    My biggest aim is …. to always have fun with surfing

    In summer ride the waves and in winter…in powder

    How would you describe your surf style…full speed

    Where do you like surfing most ….at home and on lonely beaches

    With whom would you like to be on a wave ….with friends

    Who is your hero on the surfboard …..Björn, Robby, Antonie

    There is nothing better in the world than ….to do what you like

    Favourite meal: Pasta

    Favourite song:  SASHAMON – Necta Butterfly

    Favourite film:  007

    Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  I just don’t have my cristal ball at hand :-)

    What is your Motto? stay as long as you can

    What important achievements did you already have? 
    1st place Top Speed Austrian Speedchallenge
    44th place Overall PWA Slalom World Cup (second-best Austrian out of 129)

    What are you afraid of most? I won’t tell .-)

Zugbratls beste Ergebnisse:
  • 2012: PWA Slalom Gesamtwertung 2012, 47. Platz
  • 2010: Platz 34 PWA Slalom World Cup Costa Brava (bester Österreicher) Platz 52 Gesamtwertung PWA Slalom World Cup (von 120, zweit bester Österreicher) Platz 2 Austrian GPS Speedchallenge Platz 4 Balaton Windsurfing Supercup
  • 2009: Platz 3 Österr. Staatsmeisterschaften im Slalom Platz 44 Gesamtwertung PWA Slalom Wolrd Cup (von 129, zweit bester Österreicher) Platz 39 PWA Slalom World Cup Costa Brava Platz 40 PWA Slalom World Cup Fuerteventura
  • 2008: Platz 1 Top Speed Austrian Speedchalleng