Pro Team Diving



Name: Werner Thiele & Sabine Hausner
Date of birth / zodiac: 18.10.1966 & 13.10.1981
Hometown : Wattens – Tirol
My CAMARO equipment: Suits, Boots, Gloves, Accessories

      Werner: as long as I can remember, CAMARO products have reliably accompanied me during my last 30 diving years.
      From the icy cold mountain lakes of my Tyrolean homeland to the warmest, tropical waters, Camaro suits have always
      thrilled me. I had my Camaro Dry suit nearly 10 years, until I finally “outgrew” it

      Sabine: When I started diving in 2004 I realized quickly that unfortunately I had not the physique for a suit “ready-made”. So shortly after my first dives in the Austrian lakes I had CAMARO make me a suit made-to-measure which I still possess and which still fits me and is intact.

      For which magazines do you photograph?
      Werner: I have already worked for many international magazines, lately we work together intensively with UNTERWASSER; AUANAUT, the TIROLEAN (lady) and some Nature Magazines. My passion is and remains photographing, with Sabine I have a partner writing the texts, who knows the matter and also has assumed the marketing of my pictures.

      Are you also working on film projects or other projects? If yes, which?
      Werner: at the moment we are working for his Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Fujairah, on an Illustrated Book about the Underwater World of the Arabian Emirate Fujairah. Furthermore we are having big sticker-promotions on oceans in divers chains throughout Europe. Children can learn a lot about oceans and its inhabitants and also understand the necessity of protecting the oceans

      My favourite suit:
      Werner: each CAMARO suit is my favourite when it corresponds to the water temperature.
      Sabine: definitely my yellow 7mm Semi-Dry-Photo-suit: I can put it on as if it was a 3mm suit. When only I watch others agonizing into their suits, then I pledge loyalty to my CAMARO:

      My favourite diving place:
      Werner: Alaska, the Antarctica, Cocos Iceland…….., there are so many, I cannot really set limits. Simply everywhere there is real action in the water.
      Sabine: I am tempted by anything which is new for me, as you do not know what is awaiting you. Main thing, I have the right suit with me.