Pro Team Diving

Krumpholz Eckhardt


Name: Eckhard Krumpholz
Date of Birth / zodiac 4th of May 1966 / Nikon Ascendant Hasselblad
Hometown: Limburg
CAMARO equipment: Lycra-Photo-Suit, 5mm, 7mm and DRY suit
My Website:

  • Since when are you on the way with CAMARO? since 10 years
  • For which Magazines are you photographing?
    Nationally, mainly for Tauchmagazin “Unterwasser”, “Silent World” and “Atlantis” and photo magazines, internationally especially for the Asian Diving Magazines
  • Are you also working on film projects or other projects? If yes, which?
    Yes definitely. At the moment I focus on my illustrated book “Die Lahn von unten”
  • My favourite suit: Seamless 7mm
  • My favourite diving place: Always there, where I just am
My greatest success:
The magazine “Der Spiegel” refered to me as one of the “10 best Underwater-Photoartists worldwide”