Pro Team Diving

Günter Schindlmaier


Name: Günter Schindlmaier
Date of birth / zodiac: 22.03. 1959
Hometown: Salzburg
CAMARO equipment: Arctec Pro, Superelastic 3, 5, 7mm, Lycra-Photo-Suit,
My Website:

  • I’m equipped by CAMARO since ? over 20 years
  • My photographs are published in following magazines? from 1997 until short time for the Aquanaut. Sporadic for Atlantis and other magazines.
  • Do you also work on film projects or other projects? If so, which are these?
    Yes, especially on virtual tours for safariboats and mobile web-applications.
  • My favourite suit: Arctec Pro
  • Favourite diving location: Indonesia and the Salzkammergut