Pro Team Diving

Weberberger Michael


Name: Weberberger Michael
Nickname: Websi
Date of birth / zodiac: 23rd October 1968 / Libra
Hometown: Proleb
CAMARO equipment: Old suit, gloves, model suit, boots, hood
My Website:

  • Since when are you on the way with CAMARO?
    since 3 years, the suit will be exchanged soon
  • For which Magazines are you photographing?
    I am in build-up as I only do it since one and a half year, but is does not look too bad. Due to the bulk with diving, it is not easy to the diving field
  • Are you also working on film projects or other projects? If yes, which?
    Yes definitely. At the moment I focus on my illustrated book “Die Lahn von unten”
  • My favourite suit: Stingray 5 mm will be the next, I have got a Dry Suit I do not use too often, but the Arctec Pro really is madness, I have already tried it on and it will be coming next.
  • My favourite diving place: everywhere with sharks, the Azores, Guadelupe, Bahamas Tiger Beach, I would make these places once more, whereupon only lately I discovered my love for home waters.