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Bagnoli Alice

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name: Alice Bagnoli
nickname: Alice
date of birth/zodiac: 24 november 1997 sagittarius
hometown: Basiglio, Milano italy
my CAMARO equipment: Modetec mono; swim shoorty 2mm; modetec long suit 0,5mm; open cell 1,0 long suit; modetec titanium 2,0 long suit; long suit 3mm; vest suit; board short and bikini.
diciplines: Slalom, tricks and jump
© Bild Andrea Gilardi

      I’m equipped by CAMARO since…

      Why did you choose CAMARO?
      I choose it because I saw another skier using it and they told me that this suites are very comfortable so I wanted to try it and I liked it so much then I bought three different models

      Three things I carry ALWAYS with me when water skiing:
      camaro suits, my iphone and my computer “macbook”

      I love water skiing since…
      when I was 5

      I started water skiing because of…
      because my dad skied and I wanted to try, and he was president of an important waterskiclub, A.S.D. lunarossa waterski

      Water skiing means to me…
      for me now, skiing is part of my life, I also have friends in the world of skiing, it is something I love to do and that gives me satisfaction and this will continue to do so for a long time.

      My biggest goal…
      always continue to improve my results and get more medals at major competitions

      What is your winter training location?
      Winter garden, Orlando FL / U.S.A

      What is your favourite location for water skiing?
      Recetto, Novara / ITALY

      Do you have an idol? If so, who is it?
      Clementine Lucine is my idol for tricks

      There is nothing better in this world than…
      to waterskiing with hot weather  

      Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
      I would like to be at the top of the charts of the most important races

      What is your motto?
      Ski serene, believe in yourself and win

      Do you have a good tip for someone who wants to learn water skiing?
      I recommend everyone to try this wonderful sport because it is fun and you like it from the first time and you can do it in an open place and in total freedom

    Bagnolis best achievements:

    Slalom   1@11/55
    Tricks  6340 points
    Jump   37.10     mt

    2^ Slalom Championship Italian Open     KLI (RA)
    1^ Slalom European Championship Junior  u17 Nemours (FRA)
    1^Tricks   European Championship Junior   u17  Nemours (FRA)
    1^ Overall European Championship Junior   u17 Nemours (Fra)

    1^ Overall U17
    5^ Tricks  U17

    1^ Tricks    U17
    1^ Overall  U 17
    2^ Slalom  U17

    5^ Jump    U17