Pro Team Waterski

Bonnemann Sisters

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Name: Carlotta, Chiara, Giannina Bonnemann
Spitzname: Lotti, Chitch, Gianni
Geburtsdatum/Sternzeichen: 15.03.99 / Piscis
15.02.1995 / Aquarius
24.01.1994 / Aquarius
Heimatort: Dortmund
CAMARO Ausrüstung: Camaro Suits
Disziplin: 3-event
© Pictures - Andrea Gilardi

      We are equipped by CAMARO

      since 2012

      Why did you choose CAMARO?
      Carlotta: because I used since being a child a yellow-blue suit with integrated vest from Camaro
      Chiara: the suits are warm and provide much freedom of movement.
      Giannina: Because the suits are the only warm ones and don’t restrict my movements

      Three things I carry ALWAYS with me when water skiing:
      Carlotta: iPod, Headphones, hair tie
      Chiara: my skies, Camaro suits and bikinis
      Giannina: CAMARO suits, iPod, bikini

      I love water skiing since…
      Carlotta: I was 6 years old
      Chiara: I was 4 years old
      Giannina: since the age of four

      I started water skiing…
      Carlotta: because my brothers and sisters already did it
      Chiara: my daddy was waterskiing formerly and I have been with him as a child
      Giannina: because it is my daddy’s passion and he has contaminated me.

      Water skiing means to me…
      Carlotta: to have fun with my family
      Chiara: a lot of fun and to always have a target
      Giannina: a lot of fun, joy and experiences

      My biggest goal…
      Carlotta: to become as skilled as my sisters
      Chiara: to become continuously better and to be successful at great competitions
      Giannina: to improve as much as possible

      What is your winter training location?
      Carlotta: in the Herner Hall with my basketball-girls
      Chiara: at home (fitness training and gymnastics etc.) and in Florida (waterski)
      Giannina: At home (fitness training, gymnastics etc.) and Florida (waterski)

      What is your favourite location for water skiing? ?
      Carlotta: WSC Mastholte (my home place)
      Chiara: WSC Mastholte (Germany), Lake Worth (West Palm Beach) and Mulwala (Australia)
      Giannina: Lake Worth (West Palm Beach); WSC Mastholte (Germany)

    • Do you have an idol? If so, who is it?
      Carlotta: Giannina & Chiara Bonnemann
      Chiara: Britta & Jaret Llewellyn, my sister (Giannina Bonnemann)
      Giannina: Britta & Jaret Llewellyn, Natalia Berdnikava
    • My favourite word for water is
      Carlotta: water
      Chiara: water
      Giannina: water

      There is nothing better in this world than 
      Carlotta: waterskiing
      Chiara: to waterski with my family and to travel around the whole world
      Giannina: to waterski with my family

      Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
      Carlotta: still travelling with my family in the camper around the world
      Chiara: still waterskiing with my family
      Giannina: Top 10 World Ranking List

      What is your motto?
      Carlotta: summer, sun, waterski :)
      Chiara: Don't be afraid to lose just believe in yourself and enjoy what you do.
      Giannina: Never give up! & Follow your dreams!

      Do you have a good tip for someone who wants to learn water skiing?
      Carlotta: take my daddy as trainer
      Chiara: Never give up when something does not work out as you want and don’t forget the fun.
      Giannina: Body fitness and a will of iron are the basis for success.


best achievements:

Deutsche Mannschaftsmeister 2013 (Carlotta, Chiara, Giannina Bonnemann)


-Deutsche Meisterin im Slalom, Trick, Springen und Overall 2013
Europa -Meisterin im Trick, Springen und Overall 2013
Vize U21 Weltmeisterin im -Overall und 3. Im Trick
- US Junior Masters Champion 2011 in Overall & 2nd in Trick
- 5th Overall U21 Worlds
- 3rd Jump & 3rd Overall European Youth 2011
- 2nd Overall & 3rd Trick at Junior Worlds 2010
- European Youth Champion 2010 Overall & Trick  & 2nd Slalom & 3rd Trick
- several times National Champion in U14, U17, U21 & Open
-U17 WM 2. Im Overall
-3. Im Springen und Overall bei den Junior Masters
-Deutsche Vize Meisterin im Slalom, Trick, Springen und Overall
-Deutsche U21 Meisterin  im Slalom, Trick, Springen und Overall
-U21 WM  4. Slalom und 6. Overall
-Open EM 12. Slalom
- 3rd jump European Youth Championships  2009
- 2nd Jump, 2nd Slalom, 3rd Trick, 2nd Overall Junior Moomba Masters 2012
- 1st Jump, 1st Trick, 1st Slalom, 1st Overall D3 Australian Junior Masters 2012
-5. im Overall und Trick Jugend EM
-3. Im Trick Offene Deutsche Meisterschaft
-Deutsche Jugend Meisterin im Slalom, Trick, Springen und Overall