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Koestenberger Claudio

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name: Claudio Koestenberger
nickname: Don Klod
date of birth/zodiac: 8/10/1988 / scale
hometown: Sattendorf, Austria / Monroe, US
CAMARO equipment: Impact Vest, Modetec Skin Mono, Modetec Skin Pro, Pro Series Evo Pants, Jump Suit, Speed Suit
diciplines: Slalom & Jump

    I’m equipped by CAMARO since

    Why did you choose CAMARO?
    The best quality. CAMARO suits provide the best protection, they fit perfectly and are so light that they don’t stop at the optimum practice of the sport.

    Three things I carry ALWAYS with me when water skiing:
    CAMARO equipment, Ipod, Sunglasses

    I love water skiing since
    I am 7 years old.

    I started water skiing
    my parents wanted me to do a summer sport as compensation for alpine skiing.

    Water skiing means
    a great opportunity that has opened many doors for me, and I've met my best friends through the sport.

    My biggest goal :
    to be one day the world no. 1.

    What is your winter training location?
    Monroe, Louisiana

    What is your favourite location for water skiing?
    I love to ski everywhere, as long as the weather is good.

    My favourite word for water is:

    There is nothing better in this world than...
    to have a perfect day at the lake.

    Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
    Somewhere in America with a steady job and the opportunity to go further in water ski.

    What is your motto?
    Live every moment as if it were the last.