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Erika Lang

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Name: Erika Regan Lang
date of birth/zodiac: November 8, 1995
hometown: Gilbert, Arizona 85233
my CAMARO equipment: Wet Suit and swimming suit
diciplines: Water Skiing

      I’m equipped by CAMARO since…

      Why did you choose CAMARO?   
      I love Camaro’s product. The company has amazing products that are perfect for the sport that I compete in. The wetsuits and bathing suits are so comfortable and allow me to move freely and without any restrictions while I am water skiing.

      Three things I carry ALWAYS with me when water skiing:  
      I always take my ipod, sunglasses, and swimming suit.

      I love water skiing since…
      I have loved water skiing since the first time I got up at age two.

      I started water skiing because of…
      They were professional water skiers in their day and they got me into it at a very young age. I have always lived on a lake so training has always been really easy.

      Water skiing means to me…
      Water skiing defines who I am as a person. It has given me so many opportunities that I never would have experienced if I weren’t involved in the sport. Water skiing has allowed me to travel to various foreign countries and has allowed me to become friends with my competitors from all over the world.

      What is your winter training location? 
      I train in Arizona year round. It stays pretty warm year round however, it gets cold for about three months a year and training in a wet suit allows me to stay warm and comfortable in the water.

      What is your favourite location for water skiing? 
      My favourite location that water skiing has taken me would have to be Australia. I competed in the bay of the ocean. They bay was a dolphin water way and dolphins were swimming by the dock throughout the entire competition.

      Do you have an idol? If so, who is it? 
      My mom is my idol. She inspires me everyday and encourages me to pursue my dreams. I would not be where I am today without her. She has helped me achieve so much by supporting me through everything.

      My favourite word for water is…

      There is nothing better in this world than…
      being able to do what you love everyday.

      Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
      I see myself as a very successful woman still competing in water skiing along with working in my preferred career.

      What is your motto?
      “Do something that your future self will thank you for!”

      Do you have a good tip for someone who wants to learn water skiing?
      Be patient because if you take the time to practice rewarding results will eventually come.


Erika Langs best achievements:

    My biggest accomplishments are breaking the World Record and winning the Worlds.