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Britta Liewellyn

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name: Britta Llewellyn
date of birth/zodiac: 12th January 1965
hometown: Gmunden
CAMARO equipment: Several Modetech-Models, Jumpsuit, swim vest
diciplines: Waterski-slalom, trick, jump
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      I’m equipped by CAMARO since…
      since 1990

      Why did you choose CAMARO?
      because they have the best suits there are, material, manufacturing, fit – unique
      Our sport needs suits offering flexibility and protection – Camaro provides both

      Three things I carry ALWAYS with me when water skiing:
      Apart of my equipment – a book, my Ipad, Soletti

      I love water skiing since…

      I started water skiing because of…
      I am living at the Traunsee and have been a rower. As I always saw the waterskiers around me, I thought, this looks like less work than rowing

      Water skiing means to me life. Everything I have accomplished I owe to waterski. I met Jaret and we do this sport together with our son as a family. What better is there?

      My biggest goal…
      I have reached all my sporty goals which I planned in my career. Now I hope that Dorien will have a good life and that he will be spared rough injuries and illnesses (and a house at the sea .......)

      What is your winter training location?
      Lake Worth, Florida

      What is your favourite location for water skiing?
      Lake Worth, Florida and Australia

      Do you have an idol? If so, who is it?
      My idol always was Steffi Graf, she is excellent
      And Jaret – the best waterskier of all times

      My favourite word for water is…

      There is nothing better in this world than…
      to watch together with Jaret our son Dorien waterskiing

      Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
      There where I am now

      What is your motto?
      Every day is a gift and not a right
      Make the best of your day

      Do you have a good tip for someone who wants to learn water skiing?
      Find a good instructor or coach right from the start, even if you don’t want to become a world champion. Because everything you learn properly, you learn faster and then it is more fun.