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Mathieu Marion

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name: Marion Mathieu
date of birth/zodiac: 20th Feb. 1985 / Fisch
hometown: Mont de Marsan, France
my CAMARO equipment: Jumpsuit, speedsuit, long suit, long sleeves top, short
diciplines: Slalom, trick, jump
my website:

  • I’m equipped by CAMARO since… 2010
  • Why did you choose CAMARO? I am thinking they have the best quality. Camaro products are really comfortable to ski with.
  • Three things I carry ALWAYS with me when water skiing: bathing suit, duck tape, ropes
  • I love water skiing since… I started...
  • I started water skiing because of… My parents. They had a boat on a big lake; they were skiing for fun and made me try it.
  • Water skiing means to me… fun and great memories
  • My biggest goal… getting better and better
  • What is your winter training location? Fluid ski and sports in Florida, I am training also with Camilo Espinel in Orlando, Florida
  • What is your favourite location for water skiing? Florida because i am leaving there most of the year.
  • Do you have an idol? If so, who is it? I would say DAVID GUETTA, I love that guy.
  • My favourite word for water is… retaw
  • There is nothing better in this world than… Cheese and baguette
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I don’t know yet, between France and USA
  • What is your motto? Live life
  • Do you have a good tip for someone who wants to learn water skiing? Patience


Marions best achievements:
  • 2013
    2nd Moomba in tricks
    3rd Mommba in jump
    2nd World Cup in Perth in jump
    3rd Perth Night jump 
    2nd US Masters in Jump
    2nd Malibu Open in jump
    3rd  European Championships in Jump and trick and Overall 

    Marion broke the French National record in jump.
    She jumped 184ft (55m90) 
    She is the 7th women in the history to jump over 55meters. 

  • 2011: 3. Platz World Championship Overall, 2. Platz World Championship Team, 4. Platz Jump World Championship, 3. Platz King of Darkness (Pro Event), 4. Platz Malibu Open Jump
  • 2010: 3rd at the US Masters in Jump, 4th at the LA Night Jam in Jump, 2nd in Overall at the European Championship, 3rd in Jump at Korea World Cup Ranking 2009, 3rd in jump on the elite Ranking, 9th in trick on the world ranking, 4th in jump on the world ranking list Palmares
  • 2009: 2nd in Jump at Moomba, 4th in Jump at the US Masters, 3rd in Jump at the LA Night jam French National champion in Overall, 3rd in overall at the world championship, 6th in trick at the world championship, 2nd in Trick at the European Championship, 3rd in Overall at the European Championship, 2nd in Jump at Malaysia World Cup

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