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Serrault Aurelien

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name: Aurelien Serrault
nickname: Aurel
date of birth/zodiac: January 9, 1982 / Capricorn
hometown: Tours, France
my CAMARO equipment: Speed suit and Impact Vest
diciplines: Slalom and jump
my website:

  • I’m equipped by CAMARO since… 2006
  • Why did you choose CAMARO? I chose Camaro because this is the only company in the wetsuit market that manufacture all the equipment i need as a professional waterskier. I believe that the 2 objectives that qualify Camaro are: quality and innovation. About quality, Camaro’s product have always come to me with zero defect. Concerning the innovation... just take a look at the Impact Vest. Camaro came up with a very different product than anyone else thanks to the new design and the materials used. This vest is the BEST i have ever worn...
  • Three things I carry ALWAYS with me when water skiing: Camaro Speed Suit, Camaro Gloves, and the Modetec Mono LS.
  • I love water skiing since… I started when I was 6. I started jumping when I was 9... I hope my body will still allow me to jump for another 20 years!
  • I started water skiing because… my parents were doing it. They taught me the basics and later i started going to ski schools...
  • Water skiing means to me… adrenaline, fun, emotions...
  • My biggest goal… to jump 70 meters.
  • What is your winter training location? My home site in France. Yes, it’s cold ?.
  • What is your favourite location for water skiing? My home site in France as well... I have the chance to have my own lake with all the equipment i need to train. I train there with my brothers, this is paradise for us!
  • Do you have an idol? If so, who is it? I don’t really have an idol, but I am strongly inspired by athletes or people that devote their lives to reaching their goals...
  • My favourite word for water is… butter
  • There is nothing better in this world than… flying off a ramp at 60 mph.
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I hope to have my marketing company well established and still have time to hit the ramp as much as I can.
  • What is your motto? To have fun on the water!
  • Do you have a good tip for someone who wants to learn water skiing? Go to a ski school, instructors will teach you the basics. You will learn a lot faster since there is a few important things to know at the beginning.

Serraults best achievements:
  • 2010 Results: World Cup China 11th, LA Night Jam 6th, European Championships 6th
  • 2009 Results: Pro Ski Tour by Malibu 6th, World Cup Russia 9th, LA Night Jam 9th, European Championships 7th,
  • 2008 Results: French Jump Champion, Malibu Open France 2nd, World Cup Russia 5th, World Cup Malaysia 10th, Final World Cup rank 7th, Master-Craft Pro Tour LA Night Jam 7th, Master-Craft Pro Tour Rambo Marine 9th, Final Master-Craft Pro Tour rank 10th, Lake Crichton Pro-Am 7th, Moomba Masters 11th, Record Round Up 9th,
  • Other results: 12 times French Jump Champion, 6 times European Champion, 2 medals at the World Championships, 2 medals at the NCWSA Nationals