Pro Team Waterski

Weichhart Andreas

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Nickname: ANDY
date of birth/zodiac: 1st of June, Gemini
hometown: REGAU
my CAMARO equipment: Jumpsuit, speedsuit, life saver, Modetec
diciplines: JUMP, SLALOM, TRICK
my website:  

      I’m equipped by CAMARO since…

      Why did you choose CAMARO?   
      already my father prefered Camaro suits

      Three things I carry ALWAYS with me when water skiing:  
      Camaro suits – Lifesaver, silver tape

      I love water skiing since…
      the age of 5

      I started water skiing because of…
      my father was doing it also

      Water skiing means to me…
      sport 5x per week

      My biggest goal…
      title at OPEN European and World Championships

      What is your winter training location? 
      Florida with Franz Oberleitner, Fitness Studio Regau, skiing in the Austrian Ski Resorts

      What is your favourite location for water skiing? 
      at the squad center Fischlham

      Do you have an idol? If so, who is it? 
      Jaret Llewellyn, Franz Oberleitner

      My favourite word for water is…
      water= only in combination with “glotzat” really  (cool)

      There is nothing better in this world than…
      Nuclear Chicken – Wings from Ramshackle Leesburg Florida

      Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
      as waterski trainer and professional

      What is your motto?
      no risk – no fun

      Do you have a good tip for someone who wants to learn water skiing?
      Go with a professional on the water and you will learn waterskiing not only faster but properly


Andreas Weichhart  best achievements:

    - EM U21 Jump 10.Platz
    - Österreichische Staatsmeisterschaften Tournament Open Trick 5.Platz, Jump 7.Platz, Slalom10.Platz, Kombination 6.Platz
    - Österreichische Meisterschaften Tournament U21 JUMP 3.; Trick 3., Slalom 3, Kombination 3.Platz (Gesamtwertung aus 4 Bewerbe nat.)
    - Oberösterreichische Landesmeisterschaft Tournament  U19 Trick 2.Platz, Jump 1.Platz, Slalom 2.Platz, Kombination 2.Platz
    - Oberösterreichische Landesmeisterschaft Cable U19 Trick1.Platz, Jump 2.Platz, Slalom 3.Platz, Kombination 1.Platz

    2011 Junior Europameister Klasse U17
               E&A Rankinglist 2011 Nr 1 in Jump
               PB Rekord 52,4m in Jump

    2010 7. Platz Junior WM Klasse U17 Jump ( 2. Platz Ausscheidung)
               5. Platz Junior EM Klasse U17 Jump ( 3. Platz Ausscheidung)

    2008  Junior Europameister Klasse U14 Jump

    Dreifacher Öster. Junior Staatsmeister Klasse U17 : 1. Slalom, 1. Springen, 1. Kombination
    Dreifacher Landesmeister  Klasse U17 : 1. Slalom, 1. Springen, 1. Kombination